Christmas 2011

Maybe it’s just me, but Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! There’s just something special in the air. I wish it could last all year but unfortunately we only get one day each year. But I’m the type of girl who likes to get the tree up, lights on the house and all the decor up as soon as I tear down the pumpkins and cobwebs from Halloween that way I can at least enjoy the season as long as I can.

This was Chris and I’s first year having Christmas in our own home and we wanted to make it as memorable as we could. We set our alarm for 7am so we could be up, showered and ready when Emma awoke. We heard her stirring around 9 and like a bunch of kids we darted to her room to get her out of bed to show her what was awaiting her under the tree! It took her nearly an hour to open everything because she wanted to play with each item as it was opened. About half way through, we had to open everything for her because she was too excited to stop playing with her treasures. Once all of the gifts were opened and scattered all over the floor with all of the wrapping paper, we went to the kitchen to make a buffet of eggnog pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. My mom and brother came by for breakfast and I STILL have pancakes and punch left. I think I went a little overboard.

We wanted to be able to spend as much time with family as we could but unfortunately his side of the family and my side of the family live about 45 minutes away from each and since we have 5 stops to make on top of having Christmas at our own home, we decided to start early and start making visits on Friday. Spreading it out meant there would be less distant family visiting at the time we were, a downfall, but we were able to spend more time at each location visiting and actually enjoying everything. And it actually worked out nice.

Being only 2 years old and only her third Christmas, Emma was a little overwhelmed by all of the chaos that the season brings, so the spreading out of the days made it a little easier on her. She still had her uneasyness at times, especially at the locations that did have a large amount of family members but that didn’t stop her from unveiling her new Powerwheel Smart Car at G-Thong’s house (yes, my daughter calls my mother G-Thong. What’s it too ya?;). I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of her pulling the giant bow and sheet off of it due to the fact that we didn’t know she had discovered it since she was supposed to be in the living room opening her other gifts first, but I have a few fun snappies of her playing in it.

It was an amazing weekend and I hate that it’s already over. I wish I could have family around everyday and have the childlike-innocense that Christmas brings in everyone’s hearts all year long.

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