Project 52: February

Finished 8 weeks and still going strong! I can honestly say, that that is 8 weeks longer than I thought I’d actually accomplish! As hard as it is sometimes to remember to get the camera out for my own humdrum activities (or even get the moment to still be there by the time I do) I’m LOVING my results! I’m really pushing myself past my comfort zone since I have horrible lighting in almost every room of my house and I’m gaining these great images to remember the little things my daughter does.

So, without further ado,(drumroll please!) here are your weeks 5-9 in my personal P52!

Week 5: Potty training. We started our second attempt at potty training this month after taking almost half a year off from trying and failing miserably. This time she is doing amazing!
Week 6:  We FINALLY got some snow this winter! We hadn’t had much at all up until now and Emma was terrified of it. Once we practically dumped her into the yard she realized how fun it can really be. Too bad, it was gone two days later.
Week 7: Me and Chris decided this year of Valentines Day we weren’t dumping Emma off and having an evening alone. She is the biggest love in our life so we took her out for pizza and a date night at the Mall at Robinson where she loves the play equipment.
Week 8: The messy side of potty training has made it necessary for me to begin an early start on Spring Cleaning. Though she didn’t help with the carpets (other than causing the need of them to be cleaned), she was quite helpful 🙂
Week 9: Nothing ends a month, or a night, better than relaxing with my girl in my arms ❤

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