Project 52: March

Three months and still going strong! It’s starting to get a little more challenging for me because we’re going through a lot of changes at my house(as well as a lot of changes here and to my marketing)  and it’s hard to keep track of what day it is let alone personal activities. But the challenge is what this is all about and it’s giving me more creative photographs and helping me document the mundane activities in my life and that’s what I decided to do this for. Who knew that taking one personal photograph for myself each week would be so difficult?


Project 52: March

Week 10: After living in our house for exactly a year now, we started adding our own personal touches. First by installing lighting in the living (I don’t know how the previous owners went all these years w/o it) and adding a splash of color to the walls. I wasn’t home for most of the work, had baby duty; but was there long enough to get a feel of the action!
Week 11: This was my favorite shot. One one of the crazy warm winter days we had, I got this shot out of luck by holding my DSLR out “Facebook Photo” style to capture my daughter holding my hand in the park. It’s exactly what I see when I look down and as she gets older and does this less and less I’ll cherish this shot more and more.
Week 12: I had planned on taking Easter pictures of my daughter on this day. My cousin was going to let me borrow her bunny and get some shots. It poured. Plans canceled. Since Emma was already dressed, we went outside during a 10 minute rain break and caught some affection between Emma and her BFF, Lexi.
Week 13: The circus was in town! I hadn’t been to one since elementary school and this was Emma’s first experience. It was a little long for her, but she “Oooohed” and “Aaaaahhhed” and clapped and cheered as long as her attention span could hold out.

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