Yes, I finally counted and that’s how many unique Pez dispensers I have. Honestly, I thought that seemed rather low. #ShoulderShrug Oh well!

I’ve spent countless dollars and hours obtaining my oldest passion (not to mention the eBay battles with people I’ve never even met to get those that were released before my time or never in our country). It’s no secret that Pez have been a minor obsession of mine, heck, I have had them as my wedding cake topper and my great grandmother’s China cabinet is filled with them inside my kitchen (against my husband’s will), all proudly on display for everyone to see and enjoy. So it’s no surprise that people have asked me dozens of times how many I have. I’ve never been able to answer that question because, quite frankly, I’ve been too lazy to count them. But while taking my display apart to dust them, I figured that now was as good as a time as any to give it a whirl. And based on the fact that I didn’t screw up a time or two I own 465 different Pez dispensers (I did not include any duplicates I have in this number). Old, new, American or those I had imported from overseas, plush and plastic, extra large to miniature, those that dispense whole containers of candy to those that dispense dog treats, from The Lord of the Rings to The Wizard of Oz, from E.T. to Sponge Bob, from Chuck E. Cheese to Jack In The Box, from baseball to Nascar, from Christmas to Halloween, from Captain Jack Sparrow to Elvis Presley, from Thomas Jefferson to Bert and Ernie, from fundraisers to just for fun and everything in between, I’ve spent years trying to impossibly get them all.

I can’t tell you how my crazy addiction started or even when. I’ve been buying them since I was a little kid and I can’t tell you why I love them so much either, all I know is that I do and I’m not done.


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