Born on April 5th, this little cutie is only 10 days old. I’ve made two attempts to do her portraits and so far I think I’m her worst enemy.

For nine months I’ve been plotting and planning, shopping and spending. Graphing out the perfect shots for this little gal. I got new blankets, baskets, hats, wraps, you name it so she could be absolutely heartwarming. I guess I forgot to plan for the worst. She’s not a fan of the camera or being stripped down so she fought me the whole time, which her being my first newborn definitely was discouraging. She’s such a cutie but doesn’t like all the fame that beauty brings apparently (which is a far cry from her cousin, my daughter, who strikes a pose as soon as she sees so much as an iPhone). After two sessions and several days of rest for her, I managed to get a couple cute ones.


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