Gone Fishin’!

Yesterday me and Chris, along with my mom and brother, took Emma to Friendship Park to have a little cook out and do some fishing. Well, the boys went to go fishing. The ladies came to eat. 😉

Emma has been to a few lakes before but this was the first time she had ever had the chance to go fishing. Last year she got a Dora fishing pole from “Kuncle” and “Alorie” for her birthday and we were ready to bust it out! She didn’t have a hook, only a little star on the end of her pole(maybe in a few more years) but she was thrilled none-the-less. So thrilled, she went fishing out of the car window the whole way there and actually wound up falling asleep in the car holding her pole. (My camera was packed away in the back so please excuse the iPhone shots!) Once she awoke, she loved having someone cast her pole for her and watching the star dunk into the water. She did get a big crabby, I think mainly due to the fact that she wanted IN the lake, but she still had a good time.

We packed enough food to probably feed the campgrounds but it didn’t go to waste. The fish may not have been biting but they, along with the ducks, were loving the scraps Emma was tossing to them.

Joseph even tried to play photog (see the picture of me with Emma) once my camera was setting unguarded with the settings already pre-done from the last time I had it.

The weather was beautiful, the lake was blue, the temperature was warm and the fish weren’t biting 😉 It was an all around, great day!



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