Working From Home

Do you work from home? Know someone who does? I work from home and if you do, and you’re like me, the perception of what you do from day to day isn’t so clear. Now, I know that not everyone thinks the same, and a lot of people actually do understand what it entails to work from home. You have your everyday chores, cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. If you have children or pets, you’re still in charge of taking care, tending and playing with them. You still have to fix yourself three meals a day. Sounds like your everyday housewife, right? Wrong!

On top of your household duties (which IS a job in itself) you have your work. I don’t know what all jobs entail but I know what mine does. There’s client emails/phone calls, uploading and editing, getting blogs prepared, designing business cards..  albums..  templates, etc. Scouting new locations, researching techniques, editing styles, client needs. There’s also actually going out and using time in my day for the shoot and the other hundred things I need to accomplish for work.

Normal jobs when you get to punch out and go home, you are home. When you go to work you get to put the personal messes and problems away for eight hours(well, you’re supposed to anyway!) Working from home, I am always home. I am always at work. You have to find a happy balance. And trust me, it’s not always easy. It’s hard to force yourself to stop working because it’s 11pm and you have to be up at 7 and still need to fold the towels before bed. You also get interrupted with work every time your door bell rings. You’re basically working two full-time jobs that you never get to leave. And more importantly, you have your family that needs you there too. Three jobs. At once.

Most of us rarely have the chance to make time for ourselves (which we really should start doing more of. You have have HAVE to relax and balance your life in order to be happy and stay at your best work) and it’s easy to overlook the relationships in your life. Now, this lady was a little extreme. And we are all not sitting around playing World Of Warcraft. Most of us are the exact opposite.

My child will always come before anything. Period. Jobs and careers included. That doesn’t mean I’m going to never work, file bankruptcy and live in the streets so I can spend every waking moment with her. I need to provide food, shelter, and an education and will always work for that. But she needs her “mommy time” too. For the few people out there who think working from home or even just being a stay at home parent, is just someone staying at home, watching OWN and playing games all day while their kids entertain themselves, it’s not the case. Most of the time, Emma is always with me. On me. And that can be tough, depending on the task, but that’s okay. She’s interested in what I’m doing, she’s learning, and she’s not being left alone until I’m done.

I have a few pictures from my hard drive taken with PhotoBooth on my computer, of what it looks like (from the monitor anyway) of my daily workflow.

This one was from last year. I had no idea I even had it!
Tonight while I was working, Emma started bobbing forward, falling asleep and nearly hitting the keyboard

I know not everyone has a misguided perception of what working at home really looks like, but in case someone had, I hope this gives you a better of idea of day-to-day routine of someone working from home 🙂

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