Project 52: April

Four months down! It’s amazing to think of how much time has gone by since I started. It’s really flying by for me. This past month I’ve had a lot going on (and my calendar doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon) and it’s really making this project tough for me because it’s hard to decide which image I want to feature. In the beginning I was having a hard time getting the images, now I have too many! But getting more images for me, and of my everyday life is what made me do this project to begin with. I’m so happy that I’ve been sticking to it!


Project 52: April





Week 14: I love a good holiday and we embraced the season with some good egg coloring. But we took a little twist on the tradition and drilled small holes in the eggs and drained them prior to dying so we could bake cupcakes with yellow “egg yolk” filling in them after they were dyed.
Week 15: Easter weekend wouldn’t be complete without egg hunting and boy, did Emma ever. We hid over 30 eggs at our house and just as many at my mother and grandmother’s houses and she made each location re-hide the eggs so she could continue hunting. She loved it!
Week 16: What better way to spend a afternoon with just mother and daughter than shopping? Too bad it was for groceries 😉
Week 17: Nothing makes me happier than to hear Emma laugh. That goofy smile and cackle just makes me melt! ❤

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