Relay for Life 2012 – Ravenna, OH

Yesterday I attended the Relay For Life in Ravenna, Ohio. This was the second time I had attended this particular Relay and I had attended one other years before in a different location. I don’t have much experience with different locations, I’m assuming they’re all similar in some ways and unique in others. The first one I had gone to, (I was only in Jr. High so my memory isn’t the clearest) seemed to me that it was NOTHING compared to this.

The Relay in Ravenna is almost like a carnival. There are jump houses for the kids, dancing, contests, Zumba, auctions, live bands playing on top of all of the different sales and activities going on at the individual booths. It stormed right when it was about to begin which caused a bit of a delay, but as soon as the rain had passed everything picked up as if nothing had happened.

I had never been to Ravenna’s Relay For Life before until last year. I had never even heard of Ravenna, Ohio. Last year, after being diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2010, my aunt made a team and to show my support for (her and a great cause) I joined in. I couldn’t believe how fun and exciting it was. This area really goes all out. And what better reason to go all out than for a charity to help people?

I wasn’t able to stay all night. Unfortunately, after the closing ceremonies we had to head home. It’s almost a two hour drive for us and it was late for Emma. We didn’t get home until about 1:30am. But in the time we were there we had a great time. Chris dressed up in drag for the Miss Relay contest and got second place and our team had all kinds of awesome signs, cards and food made by aunt, uncle and cousin. Even if I can’t stay the whole time, I plan on attending and helping out each year as long as I’m physically able and I encourage everyone out there to attend their local Relays as well and all of the other great charities there are out there to help those who need it. I lost my uncle to the disease and my aunt and grandfather are fighting their battles, and I would be LOST without them! Many other people, including infants and children, are going through the same struggles and some a lot worse… Like many other life threatening diseases, there’s still no cure and every dime can help. You don’t have to know anyone who has cancer or who has passed away from it but you can still come and show your support. You’ll have an amazing experience and help out others while doing so!

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