Project 52: June

Half a year and still going strong! YES! I’m quite proud of myself. Though, I have a confession to make…. I cheated this month 😦 A couple of my dates were (just) a couple days off of that week so I rounded them off onto the following/previous week. I know, I know, it’s not 100% but based on my days of working, mixed with the days of the week my husband is off my weeks are pretty screwy anyway so it’s more realistic this way 8)

week: twenty-twoweek: twenty-threeweek: twenty-fourweek: twenty-five

week twenty-two: we took our first trip to Chuck E Cheese! Never being there before I was VERY nervous about how Emma would react. She’s in a very shy phase but to my surprise and delight, she was in heaven! She played games like a pro, climbed the obstacles and indulged in some cheese(less for her)y goodness!

week twenty-three: this month me and my husband celebrated our four year anniversary. That isn’t very long in the scheme of life but for my generation for some reason, that is a lengthy time. To celebrate we got ourselves a swanky hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh, hit the skyline, did some shopping and spent a day at Kennywood until old age set in and we had to retire back home. 😉

week twenty-four: with all of the unbearable hot weather we’ve been having multiple and lengthy trips to the splash pad in town.

week twenty-five: anyone that knows Emma knows that she can’t do anything without her beloved best friend and canine companion, Lexi. This doesn’t exclude bath time.

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