Because I’m so Hollywood(hahaha!!) I’m dividing this session into two posts. Primarily because it WAS pretty much two sessions just shot at the same time. I’m going to start with this one because it was more of a personal, inspired shoot. While at a session(which will be posted soon) I actually brought along Emma, which is something I normally do not do. But this time I made an exception because I was shooting her friends.

While doing my shoot, she played with her friend (who happens to be the offspring of one of my lifelong friends. How cute right?) and these two were a-doooorable!!

They played and hugged. Served each other tea and just danced around. It was so cute to watch them. I just love these shots because they just look like every little girl’s fantasy at play. I can’t wait to have them blown up and hanging on my walls 🙂

Who knew that in order to get good shots of my own kid that all I had to do was bring her to someone else’s session?

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