(Re)meet Ashton. A few months back (whoa! Actually six months back, sheesh time flies!) I got to shoot this little guy. He just turned the ONE this month and in that short time period from our last session and now he has grown and developed so much. Including developing teeth!

We met up last week to get some birthday portraits and the poor guy was teething so bad and those little gums were hurting so bad that most of the session he couldn’t hold back the tears. I felt so bad for him! Unfortunately, we were only able to get a few shots and most of them he was hiding behind the balloon he was chewing on.


I offered to do a reshoot and we planned on the following Sunday. I spet all week trying to think of something special for him since he had such a hard time last week and I got an idea in my head. I spent days building props and searching around for the right pieces to put it all together all while hoping that it wasn’t too off the wall to come crashing down and being disastrous.

Then came the big day! Yesterday we met up and it was show time. The parents had no idea what I had planned and honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure it would even work. But it did! And we got some awesome and unique shots just for him.

His nickname is Mater and he loves Tow Mater from the Cars movie, so what better environment than a recreation of the movie?

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