Model Search 2012

In case you didn’t know, I recently upgraded my camera. I’m super excited and super in love! But before I bust it out and take it to a session, like any new toy, I wanted to play with it and get a good feel for it. So, I posted on my Facebook asking for any volunteers that wanted to model for me to help me test the bad boy out! Nothing serious, just for fun and for “educational purposes.”

I have been wanting “mother/daugther” pictures of me and Emma, so I did go a little carried away with a set up for those. But, like every other time shooting my daughter, she didn’t cooperate and my efforts were wasted. But I got a couple do-able shots, I think!

Everything was shot at my mom’s house. No studio set up, lights, flash, etc. Completely au naturale.

The first two models were Brodie and Paeyton. Aren’t they gorgeous? They didn’t cooperate well. But we don’t get along well, so what can you expect?
This shot was done in Mom’s dining room next to an open window.

Next up, we have my niece, Maia! She’s modeled for me before and is helping me get the baby photography down and I’m helping her getting use to being in front of a camera (which she, like her cousin, isn’t always the biggest fan of).
These shots were done in the middle of my mother’s drive way.

Okay, so these weren’t technically at my mom’s house. But it was walking distance so it counts. I had an idea for a super awesome shoot for me and Emma, and I actually spent a good bit of time setting this up. She hated it. So, I brought Maia back out and her momma, Malorie. Maia hated it too. She cried through most of the shoot. Did I mention the sun hid while we were out? Yep. Total bummer. Oh! And as soon as I tore it all down, hello gorgeous sunshine! Lame.

I hurried up and took those clique “Facebook photos” where you turn your camera around and try to snap yourself, to get some of that pretty light and again, no love from Emma.

Oh well!

The next day my friend, Jessie, lent me her son, Ruckus to model for me. He did cooperate for me. He played around and goofed off and made it quite easy for me to maneuver back and forth, testing out setting to see what worked best. Plus me and Jessie got to catch up!

These were shot in Mom’s backyard behind her house.


 Thanks again to all of my models (except Paeyton). You were a big help and a lot of fun!

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