Alissa + Jaycen + Kendall

Meet Alissa and her two adorable kids Jaycen and Kendall! We met up at one of my favorite places to shoot, Friendship Park. It’s not a huge national park or anything, but it’s very open and there are so many quiet and secluded places that all have a different feel to them.

This whole summer the weather has been insane. Weeks of temperatures in the 90-100° and complete dryness then all of a sudden you get a week of on and off downpours. On this particular occasion, we had a week of hot sun. Then just a couple days before our shoot we got a rain spell. We met up right after sunrise but with all the added moisture in the air from the previous day’s rain mixed with the morning heat, we had some fog.

Nonetheless, we had a beautiful morning and despite the early time frame, we had some pretty happy kiddos too!

These guys were so much fun to work with and so cooperative too!


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