Kennywood | Labor Day Weekend

Happy (one day late) Labor Day, everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend was awesome, mine sure was! Family time, cook outs, and on Monday we had my husband’s annual company picnic at Kennywood Park.

I absolutely adore Kennywood! It’s a smaller park compared to some of the bigger names like Kinds Island, Bush Gardens or Cedar Point but it’s one of those timeless classics that you just feel like a kid again every time you go. I love the atmosphere, the rides and of course, the Potato Patch Fries!

The company my husband works for gives everyone’s entire family free tickets inside, a huge spread of food, drinks and ice cream as well as door prizes, raffles and other things. We, of course, enjoyed some yummy cook out food and then spent the rest of our day in Kiddie Land with Emma. She had a BLAST!!

Normally, she is so skiddish of strange adults she doesn’t know and screams when she’s scared but she let all of the workers help her onto and off of the rides, and just laughed and laughed!

The only issue we had was of course, waiting in line and getting off the ride when it was over. But what 3 year old wants to wait in line and have to get off of the ride they waited for?

I can’t wait for next season so we can go back!

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