Abandonment | Personal Projects

Recently I’ve decided to take on a little bit of a personal project to help keep me inspired and pushing myself outside of my comfort level. My last personal project, Project-52, failed. I lasted through about half of the year but unfortunately, became so busy over the summer, I overlooked it and forgot to keep up with it. This project I’m not putting a time frame on. It’s something fun for me to do in my free time, whether it be daily or annually.

I decided to do an abandonment project. There are many photographers out there that shoot abandonment (old abandoned houses, buildings, etc.) and I decided to try it out as well. Now, I’m not claiming to be a landscape photographer or even an abandonment photographer because God knows, I’m not. This is completely out of my comfort zone, I don’t have any experience shooting buildings so that’s why I’m doing it. The project will be completely black and white and hopefully I will be able to continue to keep this going and share my work.

I’ve always had a bit of a love for old houses. I’d imagine what the looked like in their “hay day” and the people that lived in them. The stories they told, the memories inside, the tragedy that got them left behind and forgotten about. There’s a creepy sense about old abandoned places, but also a sense of sadness. I don’t know what it is, but  ever since I was little, I’ve really enjoy looking at and exploring the insides old houses.

See more of my abandonment photos on flickr at a larger size and high-resolution.  And please keep checking back for more shares 🙂

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