Halloween Minis!

In honor of being the first of my all new Seasonal Minis, the Halloween Minis will be FREE!!

The date and time will be October 31st from 4:00pm until Trick-or-Treat starts at 5:30pm.
Because these minis will be free they are going to be on a first come, first serve basis so come early!

There will be a small set up at my location for the kiddos to get their photos taken in their costumes.
A couple snapshots will be taken, and the photos will be placed on my Facebook fan page within 48 hours for you to tag yourself in and share with your friends.
-IF- you would decide you would like to purchase prints or digital copies, you may once they are all posted at a massively discounted rate. There will also be a running special of a 5×7 WITH  a high resolution digital copy for only $5 each! (Additional sizes are also available). Normally 5x7s are sold additionally to a portrait package for $10 each and digitals are only available with a disk purchase, so this is HUGE!
Images can purchased at the event or afterwards online but you do not have to purchase an image to participate! Just come, pose and you can go online to see your image and share with all of your friends!

WAIT! There’s more!

Halloween is not just for kids! Many older children and teens like to dress up and walk around at Halloween as well as many adults, I know I do! We will have our own walking dead  for the parents and older kids to pose with. Same rules apply, pictures do not have to be purchased but can be. And all images will be posted on Facebook for tagging and sharing.

PLEASE NOTE: All children are different. If your child is afraid of the zombie, we can put him away while you are there 🙂

All ages welcome! So come on out and celebrate Halloween with me and get a free photo!

For location and more information, please contact me. I hope to see you there! 🙂


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