Owen | Part One

I’m breaking this post down for two reasons. The first: when looking at these images they almost feel like they were from two different sessions. And the second: there are just so many pictures from this session I want to share that I needed two posts!

So here is the first half.

This little guy’s name is Owen and he just had his first birthday!

We knew which location we really wanted to use (which you will see in Part II) but didn’t want to whole session shot there. So we took advantage of that location and merely went outside for these (Oh what? Did I say “went outside”? There’s a tease to what you’ll see in the next post!) and it worked out perfectly!

He was very adventurous! He didn’t stay in the same spot very long. But on a warm day like this was, I really don’t blame him!

These last images actually were shot at a different location. Owen’s grandma set up a little autumn scene on her porch for him. He loved the pumpkins and I loved the personal feel!

Stay tuned for the second half of Owen’s session! Trust me, it’ll be worth your wait 😉

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