Owen | Part Two

Now it’s time for the concluding images of Owen’s birthday portraits! If you missed the first half ,you can check them out here. They’re worth checking out!

After we did the outdoor shots we went inside. “But inside where,” you ask? Why that is the missing piece that made this last part oh so incredibly personal. We went inside the fire department where both of Owen’s parents work.

Not only is this the fire department that they work in, but they work at the fire department in their hometown. When Megan, Owen’s mom, and I were talking about what she envisioned for their session and things she wanted she knew she wanted to somehow work in some details that would reflect upon the fire department. Maybe use some toys. When I asked her if it would be possible to actually take them in the fire department and possibly use some of their personal equipment we knew that was going to be the main focus of the session and all other details would now be worked around that.

I simply love these! I adore the childhood innocence that you can see and even more I love all the little details that are personal. We didn’t just use a random fire station to fit a theme. We used theirs. We didn’t get a random helmet and jacket, we used Owen’s dads. These small details make the image theirs.

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