Littleton Family

Once again I am breaking a session into two posts. But this kinda was two sessions done at once. This post, the first half of the session, we did family portraits. The second half, which will be posted in a few days, was just child portraits, which we did do some in the first half, but for the second part was a complete surprise for Little Randy and was themed. But more on that later.

Lavell is like me. The fun, loud, goofy type. Randy, her husband, is more of the quiet type. I think I heard him say three words the whole session. But then again, I’m a talker, so me not hearing other people speak much is nothing but normal. Hahaha! Little Randy is more like his momma. He is outgoing, energetic and goofy. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun!

Check back for the second half of this session featuring Little Randy!

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