Remember on my last post how I promised a continuation? Well, here it is!

This part of their session was focused solely on their son, Randy. He had no idea what we had in store for him or that he even was going to be doing more pictures after their shoot. His mom and I planned the whole thing without him even knowing. He loves pirates and has all kinds of pirate play gear at home. So I thought it would be fun to incorporate what he loves best into his pictures. I built the boat and his mom packed his pirate clothes and hid them in the car.

When the family part of the session was over, we headed back to the parking area and told  him we had a surprise for him. We unpacked the car and headed back to a quiet leafy spot where he was able to play, laugh and be as loud as he wanted.

I love doing sessions like this. The kids get to laugh and have fun and you get more natural and exciting expressions out of them. Plus, it’s a great memory to have to look back on – the things they cared about/were interested in as a child and not just your standard “school backdrop look at the camera and say ‘cheese'” type of pictures. It shows them.

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