Happy 50th, Mom!

Today I wish one of the most important people in my life “Happy Birthday,” my mother.

She will be spending her birthday at an annual family Christmas breakfast this morning followed by a trip on the Polar Express in Dennison, Ohio with my daughter and because she wouldn’t have been home for her actual birthday, me and my aunt spent months planning a surprise birthday party for her that we held last week at my grandparents’ house. And when I say spent months, I mean it. No matter how small a budget or an event, when my family plans a party we go all out. We had a balloon drop, the best homemade food that are family favorites, an ugly sweater contest and of course, desserts galore. It may have just been at my grandparent’s home and not a fancy hall, but I think that made it all the more special. We were able to do whatever we wanted, stay as late as we wanted and made it that much LESS suspicious to get my mother over here. 😉

If you know my mom, you know all of the hardships she’s had throughout the past few years. My father passed away 5 years ago, she spent a lot of time sick with MRSA afterwards and has been having a handful of various health problems since then as well as other various family, work and financial issues. Despite all of that, she always puts her family first and would do anything for her kids. That’s why I really think she deserved the best party we could have possibly thrown and it was. Her favorite day of the year is Christmas so the whole party was Christmas themed and we asked that everyone wear an ugly Christmas sweater and it was so much fun seeing the crazy things that walked into the house. We even had a box of extras in case you tried to sneak in without one. 😉  So many people were able to make it and we just had a wonderful time.

I want to thank everyone who helped and who was able to come out and share the day with us. It meant so much to me and I know that it means a lot to Mom as well. Happy 50th, Mom! I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you know how much you mean to everyone. I love you and have fun tonight on the Polar Express.


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