busy, busy busy!

I’m a little behind on my blogging lately. Okay, a lot behind on my blogging lately. On top of sessions, house chores, Emma and family, we now have the Holiday Season to slow me down. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas time and wouldn’t change my busy schedule for anything but it does cause me to get posts up a little less frequently than I would normally desire.

We’ve had a lot going on at our house lately. Thanksgiving, Black Friday (which is a time honored family tradition at our house), Christmas shopping. We’ve decorated three trees, been to two tree farms, kids birthday parties, threw my mom a surprise party. Family day at the movies, date night at the movies. Emma has recently started dance class and was in her very first parade as well as attended other parades to watch. We’ve been to Oglebay twice already and this weekend Emma and Mom went on the Polar Express. All of that is just the half of it and I’m too exhausted to go on anymore just typing about it.

So, in order to catch up on some personal posts (not to mention just wanting to be a mom and show off pictures of my family hehehe) I’m going to make the biggest blog post I’ve ever done and break all the rules and do a massive photo share of what’s been keeping us busy.

This is something I have not done enough of. Emma LOVES to bake and I’ve only got two batches of cookies done so far. I think we’ll be destroying the kitchen this week.
Apparently, the Black Friday Gene is one that can be inherited;)Chris is afraid of my Big Girl Camera and borrowed his grandfather’s point and shoot for the parade. This is the best we got. We let Emma pick out our tree and we were absolutely terrified that she was going to pick a Charlie Brown tree because she kept going up to the “baby trees” but she yelled at Daddy not to cut them and she found, what she referred to as, The Christmas Vacation Tree and so we now have a tree as wide as our living room… and we LOVE it! The good luck we found in our tree 🙂
Yes, I use tinsel and my walls are orange! What’s it to ya? 😉

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