Never had a made a post like this, but never has there been a better time to try.

I’m not sure what kind of feedback I’m going to get from this, but here’s my perspective.
It is so easy for people to lose track of what’s going on around them and what matters. The hustle and bustle we all go through to get the kids to school, to get off to work. How easy it is to let the guy in the desk next to you ruin your entire day, or even your entire week. How sitting at a red light when we are in a hurry can cause your blood pressure to rise. We’ve all done it. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to get frustrated or even blow off some steam. That’s completely healthy. But we can’t forget that when those moments pass that they have done just that, passed.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the tragedy that struck Connecticut yesterday. The lives of innocent children that have been taken. From their friends. From their families. From their parents. From themselves. As well as the lives of the faculty members who tried to protect these children. I couldn’t imagine being one of parents getting that phone call. It’s something no one should ever have to go through. It’s selfish, disgusting and absolutely senseless. Nothing was accomplished other than the permanent destruction of so many lives.

Just today I got irritated at Emma because she chewed the legs off of yet another mini Lalaloopsy doll and threw it in the trash to try and hide what she had done from me. If you’ve bought one of these dolls, then you know they can be rather expensive for what they are. And honestly, I am tired of throwing money away on toys that usually don’t see the following week. I got mad at her, asked her why she did it, [of course, she cried] and made her turn off The Wonder Pets for three minutes and attempted to get her to tell me why she did it.

As soon as I left her bed room, I plopped myself on the couch with my iPhone to snoop around on Facebook to re-relax myself. Within a few posts there it was. Posts about Sandy Hook. Instantly, I was consumed with guilt. I didn’t go off on the deep end, but I let something simple and materialistic bother me even for just a minute when so many people would love to be in my shoes having the ability to put their kids in time out. There are times when we all need away from our kids, or any person in our lives. But it’s so easy to forget that they may not always be there. I was worried about the fact that all the money I spent on Christmas presents would be in the same trash pile as the wrapping paper because my kid has an obsession with chewing them apart like a dog. But there are mothers out there who have presents to put under the tree but no one to unwrap them. Any of us could have been one of those mothers and frankly, I COULDN’T be one of those mothers. It would end me.

These families all need thoughts and prayers. The world needs thoughts and prayers that these types of events don’t continue. We need to always remember the victims and their families. But with that, we also need to remember the people who haven’t fallen victim of senseless crimes. They may not always be there. When you fight with your spouse (and we all will) remember to say “I love you” before throwing him to the couch. And make sure you mean it. When you have to dispense out punishments to your kids for sneaking a cigarette behind the bleachers, by all means, punish them. But do it so they learn the lesson. Don’t do it to overly hurt them. And make sure you still give them a hug or a kiss afterwards.

“Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” No matter what your religious beliefs are that is the truth. A frame of mind where you love one another no matter what differences you have or problems that may have occurred in the past. It’s a frame of mind that needs to be carried all year long, not just around December 25th. If everyone did, the world would be a much happier and safer place. But unfortunately that isn’t how it works. So before I end my very long ramble, I ask that you remember the people in your life and just how precious they are.

My heart goes out to the entire community and everyone affected by the results of a selfish and sick individual. This was a terrible and unnecessary tragedy, but it shouldn’t go wasted without a lesson. Life is short, delicate and God can call on us at any time. Enjoy what you have and who you have. Don’t have regrets and don’t forget to love.

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