McNeil Family

I’m a bit behind on my blogging. This session was my very last session done in 2012 and I’m just getting it on my blog. The hubby got me a laptop for Christmas so I could work as I’m out and about and still be near Emma and not locked away in my office all day, so I’m in the process of still getting everything backed up and put from my main desktop onto my laptop. But there shouldn’t be any more delays!

Like I said, this was last session from 2012. It still blows my mind to think that the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is over let alone 2012 all together. I did this session the day before New Years Eve and it was actually done in my home. (Apologies for the state of my house haha!)

This gorgeous family is the McNeil family. Very laid back and fun! I think we were already cracking jokes during the first two minutes of them coming through the door, which is always a good sign! I had a lot of fun with this bunch!

McNeil FamilyBLOG2

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