This weekend I got to spend some time with my daughter. And though, I spend pretty much everyday with her, it was one of those rare days where I had nothing to do. No sessions to shoot, no photos to edit, no chores at the house that needed done. Okay, well, I did have housework that needed done, I just wasn’t going to do them. 8) I spent the day with my daughter. Playing, snuggling and I managed to sneak in a few photos.

She’s in a huge Disney Princess phase right now and has been dying to wear her Easter dress, and considering it probably won’t fit come Easter, I let her put it on, go outside and let the magic of being a little girl be completely embraced. We weren’t out long. Maybe five minutes. It was just too cold, but I think it was long enough for her to let go and dance.. Once upon a dream. 

I edited these much softer than normal, but I loved the feel of it for these particular shots and for her personality. The soft, angelic feel it gave was perfect for my little dainty and delicate snow princess.


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