Jaycen + Kendall // Kendall | One Year

Once again, I’m going to stick it to the man and break some blogging rules by posting a ton of pictures!

I shot these two along with their mom back in the summer when Kendall was just a few months old. It really doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago, but I guess it was because she just had her first birthday. I can’t believe she’s already one!

Last time we worked together, it was much earlier in the day. I definitely think we had a lot more energy this time. Both kids were spunky and ready to have some fun! 😉


We started off with some shots of the two of them together, snuck in a couple of just Jaycen  and worked our way to the messy (but fun!) portion of the shoot, the cake smash!!


I think the poor think wound up with more on of feet and legs than she did her hands and mouth! Hahaha! It was too cute watching her try and wipe it off on the floor! blog4BLOG5blog6Towards the end, I think Jaycen got a bit hungry and wanted a taste of the cake.. Though, I can’t say I blame him. It looked awfully good 😉

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