Maia | One Year

It’s hard to believe that this little girl is almost one year old, but it’s true!
Normally this little girl is nothing but smiles and such a pleasure to photograph and just be around. But on this day, the poor thing was not only teething but fighting a cold.
BLOG2BLOG3Her mom tried to give her little tastes of the icing to show her it was okay and even put her had in it for her, but she seemed to want nothing to do with it.

Now ,I’ve seen this little girl devour some food. And just a couple months ago, she was doing everything possible to get into my birthday cake. Her parent’s didn’t want her to have any yet, so we had to keep pulling her away, but what she did get into she seemed to love. This wasn’t the case. The mix of her teeth hurting and and nose running, she wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, we had to put baby puffs and pear chips on and around the cake to even get her to go near it. And the ones that she thought may have had icing on them, well, she wouldn’t even touch those.
blog4blog5blog6By the time she was done and wanted nothing more to do with the cake or this whole ordeal the cake seemed almost untouched. We picked the remaining pear chips off and you could have literally touched up the little bit of icing in a matter of a minute and no one would have ever been able to tell it was touched. On the bright side, a cake smash gone wrong meant more cake for the adults. And it was delicious!
blog7Happy Birthday, Maia!! I will see you in a couple weeks at your birthday party!

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