under roos and my junior

When you take pictures for a living, it’s hard for others to believe how few pictures you have of yourself or even your own family. But it’s true! When you have the camera to your face for other people all day, and spend the rest of the week in front of the computer editing those photos, just like any other job, you do something completely different than your “job” when you have free time. And it’s so easy to overlook your own memories and not capture them.

I do take pictures of my family and my daughter, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like most of the pictures are me testing out locations or new props. Kids grow up so fast and it’s so easy to overlook the little things and tiny details that won’t always be there. I  was going through old snapshots my mom had and came across pictures of my daughter when she was about one and a half. On the timeline of life two years ago really isn’t that long ago. But on the timeline of “kid-dom” it’s an eternity. The chubby legs, tiny little curls, binkies, chubby cheeks… these details don’t last long and you never get them back (or as adults, we hope! haha)

I caught my daughter playing with some balloons left over from a session and just lounging around watching “my junior”(Nick Jr), as she calls it and I took the opportunity to grab these details while I could. The toddler chub may not be what it was, but her long golden locks and (not so much) chubby legs won’t always be this way either. Sometimes these mundane, everyday activities and details that are often overlooked but wind up being the ones we wish we could get back.






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