Emma | 4 Years | Steubenville Photographer

I feel like I just took last year’s birthday portraits for this little girl but yet, a whole year has flown by since then.

This is Emma. My only child and whole world. And on July 21st she will be turning four years old. In my eyes it still feels like she’s this little thing getting ready for her first birthday, stumbling around, not able to talk and can barely walk. But in reality, we’re planning her fourth birthday, can’t get her to stop talking or running and preparing for preschool.  She’s the complete opposite of me. Super girly. Princess obsessed. Very dainty and delicate. Everything is covered in pink.

After four years, I still can’t get her to cooperate with me when I try to take her picture. But it’s not that hard to capture her personality and her character alway seems to shine through.

I don’t want to make this super long or sappy. So I’ll leave things with this:
Happy Birthday, Emma. I love you  more than you’ll ever know.

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Enjoy this Steubenville Photography provided by Bridgette Burr Photography. Offering Family Photography in Steubenville, Ohio. As well as the surrounding Ohio Valley areas. Steubenville Photographer, Bridgette Burr Photography is anything but your average Steubenville portrait photographer. Each session is treated with care and creativity not found with other Ohio Valley photography studios. Bridgette Burr Photography will help you capture your memories and preserve every detail. Not looking for a Steubenville Family Photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your wedding and engagement needs. Or your high school senior photography needs in the Steubenville and Ohio Valley area.

Location Information: We are located just minutes off of Route 7 in Steubenville Ohio 43952. Please contact us for location and booking information.

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