Emma’s Fourth Birthday Party | Steubenville Photographer

Four years ago today I received the greatest gift I could have ever asked for, my daughter, Emma.

Yesterday we celebrated with the birthday party that I had been planning since January with my mother and aunt. I was so stressed and worried about all the details and when the weather called for storms I got into even more of a panic. But as it turns out, the weather was wonderful and we had a huge turn out and a great party!

Steubenville Photographer

The cake was from Tina’s Sweet Celebrations in Martins Ferry, Oh. It was simply delicious! But then again, I have never been disappointed with her products. (And by the way, if you order from her, get the Twinkie filling. Delish!)

Steubenville Photographer

My mom’s coworker and good friend made the chocolate princesses and the sugar castle. I had no idea they were making these! She made chocolate princesses filled with coconut and peanut butter as well as chocolate princesses on pretzels but I somehow forgot to take a picture. I think I was too blown away with the castle!

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

The pinata didn’t last long. It was like a swarm of bees attacking this thing!

Steubenville Photographer

Speaking of swarm of bees, I think this is the only good shot I got of present time. About three seconds after I took this all the kids dove in and started attacking gifts. I got scared and ran! Hahaha!!

Steubenville Photographer

This was probably my favorite part of the party and we didn’t do it until almost everyone was gone. But the kids seriously had an amazing time and even my husband dove down the slip n’ slide covered in soap. And adding a slide, genius!

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate Emma’s birthday. It meant the world to me to see how many people came to celebrate with her and be a part of her memories. I love you all!

Thank you to my Aunt Caroline, Lavell for making the decorations and the candy. And a special thank you to my mom. You did so much for Emma’s party and it means the world to me. I love you! Thank you.

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