Megan + Erik | The Ceremony | Steubenville OH Photographer

After a year of planning it all comes down to this moment… The wedding ceremony.

Steubenville OH Photographer

There’s no doubt about it. Planning a wedding is stressful. There is so much to do and no matter how long you actually have, it never seems like enough time. But it’s not just stressful for those planning. It’s also stressful for the photographer. We only have once chance to get that shot. But we also have a perk that no one else in the service gets. Full range.

(In most instances) the photographer gets full range of the ceremony. Something that no one else watching gets. This gives us the opportunity to see angles and expressions that no one else gets to see. As the photographer I get to see the look on the faces of not only the bride and groom but aslo the bridal party. The family. And even the guests. Not just the happy couple gets overwhelmed with emotion, but also the people sharing in on their day. It’s truly incredible to get the opportunity to share with everyone.

Steubenville OH Photographer

Steubenville OH Photographer

We’re not done yet, fellas! There’s more to come of Megan and Erik’s big day!

Enjoy this Steubenville OH Photography provided by Bridgette Burr Photography. Offering Wedding Photography in Steubenville, Ohio. As well as the surrounding Ohio Valley areas. Steubenville OH Photographer, Bridgette Burr Photography is anything but your average Steubenville OH photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity not found with other Ohio Valley photography studios. Bridgette Burr Photography will help you capture your memories and preserve every detail. Not looking for a Steubenville Wedding Photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your engagement needs. Or your high school senior, family or child photography needs in the Steubenville and Ohio Valley area.

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