Chad + Amanda | Steubenville OH Photographer

I first met Chad back in high school. He was a few grades below me and we were both in the marching band. He has been good friends with my brother for years so even after graduating, I’ve still been able to keep in touch.

The first time I met Amanda it was at an event at my mother’s house (I can’t remember if it was a graduation party or what it was). But I thought she was awesome! She was super nice and goofy. Completely comfortable being in the surroundings she was in.

Steubenville OH Photographer

Both, Chad and Amanda, are fun and outgoing. The whole session they were goofing off with each other and laughing. Not a single smile was forced. We even got a few visitors!

Steubenville OH Photographer

Steubenville OH Photographer

I’m not a football fan. I’m not any fan of any type of sports. But I loved this part of our session! Chad and Amanda are both big Ohio State fans and I love bringing out each couples unique personalities and giving them something that is them. And though every image we took was them being natural and themselves, we were able to have a little fun and express their love for not only each other, but their team! 😉

Steubenville OH Photographer

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