Darcy + Karl | The Details | Steubenville OH Photographer

I could have made 12 blog posts on the details from Darcy and Karl’s reception alone let alone the whole day. The time and effort into this day was incredible! Their reception had a rustic, homey, farmer’s market theme. And (like so many other things you will see throughout the upcoming posts) it was all done themselves!

Steubenville OH Photographer

See that bouquet there? Each flower is made out of road maps. Made my Darcy. The maps… Darcy and Karl collect them from all the places they travel together. How freaking amazing is that!?

When I first met with Darcy, I was so excited from all of the things she was telling me she had planned for this day. But once I saw everything, I don’t know how this poor girl executed everything! And she did it herself! Something that I learned later during the speeches at the reception about Darcy, that she is pretty much the family planner for everything!

All the centerpieces; she put together. The adorable seating cards; she made. All the jams, and peppers, and mini pies that were out for favors… yep, you guessed it. Darcy!Steubenville OH Photographer

Even the wedding cake. Darcy made her grandmother’s applesauce cake recipe and homemade icing herself. I’ve never had a bride do their own wedding cake! And it was stunning!! And darn good too!

Steubenville OH Photographer

More is coming! And I promise, you won’t want to miss it!

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