Trzaskoma Family| Steubenville OH Photographer

I love getting to watch families grow. And with this session, I was able to meet the Trzaskoma family after they welcomed their newest member.

Steubenville OH Photographer

Steubenville OH Photographer

Steubenville OH Photographer

We got together late in the afternoon to get some beautiful autumn light for some updated family shots as well as newborn shots. But we got a little more intimate and I am absolutely IN LOVE!

Mom wanted some shots while she nursed. And I am so glad that she did. Nursing is such a personal thing between mother and child and is something that is nearly almost always overlooked with photography, both with professional shots and personal. There is no more intimate experience you can share with your baby to nurture that natural bond. And it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m so so happy that we got these!

Steubenville OH Photographer

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