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Michael and Malorie are Having a Baby!

Remember the cute couple who just got married this past July? Well they are expecting their first little bundle! And if she is anything like her daddy, she won’t be that little of a bundle. 😉

Looking at the pictures, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was blistery cold outside with a wind chill of -512°. Okay, maybe that is a tad bit of an exaggeration  but only a tad! My hands felt like they were going to crack off of my wrists but Malorie stood there with no coat, wind in her face and smiled! She knew she wanted the shots and she was going to get them despite the temperature. Hubby may have been inside warming himself up to a pugnacious game of Goldeneye but, but the ladies were outside getting the job done! And she rocked it!

As for Baby Maia, well, we’ll be seeing her in about two months.

See the whole set on Flickr!